Trademarks & Copyright

Milestone Law offers advice and litigation assistance for intellectual property matters. Our experience handling trademark and copyright issues  helps set us a part from our peers. Whether you need a comprehensive IP portfolio review and protection plan or assistance prosecuting or defending your valuable intellectual property, we know how to help you. We can draft and file trademark and copyright applications at the state and federal level. We also can write demand letters and, if required, initiate litigation on your  behalf or defend against suits filed against you. Our understanding and experience handling related matters including cases of unfair competition and violations of trade secret also gives us confidence in being able to meet your needs.

IP Licensing

We work with innovative companies and individuals to promote and close licensing deals for intellectual property. Licensing deals typically take the form of a royalty for use of IP. It is important to understand the scope of the license that is being offered, what limitations of use are provided, and how fees are determined and collected. Whether you are seeking to license a trademark, copyright, or patent, Milestone Law is ready to help.

Services Offered

IP Portfolio Review

We offer comprehensive IP portfolio review services. Included in our review is a thorough analysis of your current intellectual property assets and advice on how to best protect those assets and shield them from misuse or competitor misappropriation. We can also perform detailed searches to help you identify relevant and available marks for future use as well as monitor third-party registrations that may be relevant to your business.

Registration (State/Federal)

The registration requirements are unique for both state and federal registrations, as they are for trademarks and copyrights. There are important distinctions for choosing state and/or federal registration of trademarks and reasons why registering your copyright, for example, provide you with certain presumptions of ownership that become relevant in litigation. We will carefully review your position and recommend appropriate registration to best fit your needs, including preparation and prosecution of your application.

Demand Letters

Milestone Law can help you take the first step in resolving your IP infringement dispute. A well-drafted attorney demand letter is often the best place to start in trying to get someone to stop the unauthorized use of your copyright or trademark. We can make the point clear why you have a right to control the use of the mark and make sure that the consequences for continued infringement are apparent. We don’t believe in writing threatening letters without foundation and we will only draft a demand letter if there is reasonable basis for your claim. This is why we will first conduct a careful evaluation of your position so we can proceed with confidence in prosecuting your charge of infringement.

Dispute Resolution/Litigation/Appeals

Handling intellectual property disputes in state and federal court is something we like to do. We understand the value of your intellectual property. For example, if you have a trade secret and you have done everything you feel you can to get your competitor to stop using your secret business method and they continue to use your trade secret to compete directly against you, we can likely help. We know how to prosecute IP infringement cases and we will be your advocate in getting the infringement to stop.



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