Government Relations

Businesses often need help influencing government policy and decisions. Our experience in public and government relations gives us the knowledge and foresight to help you navigate laws, policy, regulations, or proposed rule changes, exceptions, waivers, and variances. We can appear on your behalf and deliver a message or appeal to state and local governing bodies. We can also draft legislation as well as provide representation before state regulatory boards, hearings, commissions, and conferences.

Services Offered:

Policy Research & Legislation Tracking

We are a law firm that conducts legislative research and we have access to a broad range of legal and government resources including legislative histories, committee notes, and bill tracking services. When you need to know the behind-the-scenes of a law or policy, we can help you. And we can keep you abreast of any changes or proposals that may affect you or your area of business.

Committee/Board Advice

Providing advice to businesses and political entities is a staple of our practice and most often we act as outside house counsel. However, we also work directly with committees, boards, and advisory panels to provide legal analysis on proposed actions, policy or rulemaking and can recommend courses of action.

In-Person Appeals & Appearances

If you need competent legal representation to appear on your behalf in front of governing bodies, including state agencies and legislative committees, you can count on us. We will work closely with you to craft a specific message and rehearse beforehand with you so you know exactly what message will get delivered. We will deliver your message on point and with the utmost professionalism so you can count on the full weight of your argument being listened to.


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