Business and Corporate Law

Business law is our business. We understand and appreciate the unique challenges facing business owners at all stages, from start up and financing to corporate governance and compliance. There is one thing that is certain when you own or operate a business–you will run into unforeseen problems, and it is essential to have someone that can keep you moving forward.

We are a solutions-based firm offering unparalleled services to our business clients. We offer unique billing options like our miLawyer Plan™, an outside house counsel service that is available through our virtual practice. An attorney is available to you virtually through phone, email or web cam for a selected number of check-ins per year. Small and medium-sized business owners no longer have to spend time and resources searching for knowledgeable legal advice because we are here for you exactly when you need us most. And you can budget your fixed legal costs ahead of time.

Services Offered:

Business Organization                                                                                                          When you have an idea and have the passion to turn that idea into something real, we can help. A business does not exist without offering a good or service for sale with the intention of making a profit. Choosing the best business entity for legal and accounting purposes is a critical step and can save you significant time and money. We can create custom-tailored operating documents, bylaws, and other business contracts. We will get you into the right type of entity and help you understand best management practices to protect you and your wealth.

Business Financing                                                                                                   Adequately capitalizing a new business is one of the greatest barriers to creating a successful enterprise. In the absence of independent wealth this often means relying on loans, grants, or giving up equity in return for labor and skills to develop your business. Milestone Law Firm can advise you on different ways to finance your startup and help you negotiate with angels, incubators, VCs, or other lenders, as well as banks and government agencies.

Document Creation                                                                                                                Every business requires certain business documents, including contracts, standard operating procedures, employment handbooks, policies and procedures–to name just a few. We will work closely with you to identify which documents are necessary for your business and then we will custom-tailor each document to specifically meet your needs and objectives.

Strategic Guidance                                                                                                           Similar to in-house counsel for large companies, we provide strategic guidance and advice on corporate compliance and best practices to reduce risk and plan for the future. Our broad experience helping various business clients in countless situations allows us to anticipate problems before they arise and navigate difficult situations with the utmost care.

Dispute Resolution/Litigation                                                                                           Nearly always unwelcome, problems do arise. Whether you need to go on the offensive to protect the infringement of intellectual property or defend against claims arising from the course of doing business, we always work toward expeditiously feasible solutions. If, for example, you need an attorney to attend a mediation or deposition on your behalf, file or answer a complaint or request for discovery, or even assist in the preparation or presentation at trial, we are here for you. In the unlikely event that we cannot handle your dispute in-house or decide that different expertise will best serve your needs, we will quickly and without hesitation steer you in the right direction.