Dustin W. Manwaring

Mr. Manwaring earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in 2004 and graduated from Drake University Law School in 2009. Prior to law school, he gained invaluable experience working in the business world as a trainer, supervisor and manager for one of the world’s largest regional airlines. During law school, he focused on intellectual property, criminal law and procedure, and election law. He also worked as a law clerk for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and practiced criminal defense under supervision at his law school’s legal clinic. After graduation, he started working for a small civil litigation practice, where he continued to develop his skills as a legal researcher and writer. In early 2011, he launched his own law practice and now is the owner of Milestone Law Firm.

In addition to helping people develop and protect their businesses and intellectual property, he also  advises political campaigns and elections. He has worked on several– everything from city and county races to presidential campaigns.

In his free time, he is always trying new things. Dustin enjoys nonfiction books and political history, great food, and adventurous activities like flying airplanes, riding horses, and snow and water skiing. He also plans to  own a thoroughbred horse farm someday. But right now, he is here to help you.


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