Milestone Law is a business law office located in Pocatello, Idaho. Milestone focuses primarily in the areas of business startup and development, corporate governance, IP, and related litigation. For many of our business clients we offer outside house counsel services on a flat rate fee schedule.

We strive to do things better at Milestone Law. First, we have implemented some of the very best technologies available to interact and manage client relationships and protect confidential client information. Our firm also charges for our services differently than most law offices. Typically, we can offer a more appropriate fee agreement than traditional hourly rates. We do this by focusing on the solution. First we spend time understanding our client’s objective and then set a fee that more accurately reflects what the solution is worth to our client. Sometimes this means a contingency fee is best, but most often we can provide a flat rate quote per project or duration that we are retained.

Even more, Milestone is primarily a paperless law office. In minutes we turn paper documents into digital files and then upload the document to a secure client database, taking special measures to protect our clients’ privacy.

In our crusade to change the way law is practiced and earn back some of the lost reputation of lawyers and law firms, we plan on solving a lot of legal problems along the way. That’s why we got into the business of law and that is why we want to serve you.






Dustin W. Manwaring

Founder, Owner





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